2014 LESCN Conference


LESCN 6th Annual Spring Conference

Educating the 21st Century Learner:

Reaching All Learners through
Innovative Technology

 Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Church Landing at Mill Falls, Meredith, NH 

Keynote Speaker

Allison Mollica 

Cloud Takes K12 by Storm

Cloud computing is the most revolutionary technology breakthrough since the introduction of the PC!  NH as a whole has clearly adopted the cloud with over 90% of NH Schools using Google Apps for Education, yet beyond email and file storage, cloud based technologies present significant opportunities and challenges.   Allison Mollica will walk you through the evolution of cloud technologies with a focus on Google in Education and unique ways you can take advantage and embrace ‘change!’  

Allison Mollica has a background in both business and education ~ Currently, a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer and Virtual Instructor for NH's Virtual Learning Academy, with M.Ed [Technology in Education] from Lesley University, Allison supports school districts by developing customized approach  to deploying and leveraging Google Apps for Education in 'their environment.' For over a decade she has specialized in technology in education and her professional skills focus on creating rich and engaging [student centered] 21st Century Learning Environments that integrate innovative teaching strategies designed for today's digital learners.

Breakout Sessions

Student Reflection through Google Drive
with Rachel Small and Jess Valenti

In this session, participants will learn how a fifth grade teacher, and a Google Certified Trainer, maximizes time to encourage students to understand their learning process (in all subjects) through authentic reflection using Google Drive.  

Participants will become familiar with Google Drive features (including the gClass Folders v2 Script and Assignment Collector via Forms) as well as possibilities for supporting and managing purposeful student reflection. Participants will watch this in action and begin to plan how they can implement student reflection through Google Drive in their classroom. 

Blogging in the Classroom using Kidblog
with Jess Valenti

Learn about the value and power of blogging for students as an authentic writing tool and see how a fifth grade teacher uses Kidblog to give students a real audience for their writing. We will explore ways to get started, how we can grow students' writing and possibilities for connecting and collaborating with other students around the world.


Assessing students with Socrative
with Charles Gessner

Socrative is a smart student response system that empowers teachers by engaging their classrooms with a series of educational exercises and games. Socrative is easy to use, easy to setup, and can run on tablets, smartphones, desktop or laptop computers. In this short session, participants will experience Socrative by creating content and testing it. If you haven’t seen this engaging product in action – now is your chance.

Student Driven Learning
with Dave Backler

How can we expect students to be problem solvers if we don’t give them problems to solve?  This session will focus on creating lessons that challenge students to take charge of their own learning.  With the support of mobile devices we will explore student centered, objective based lessons that focus on higher order thinking and engagement

 I Can Do That!” Technologies to Support the Flipped Classroom
with Michael Nieckoski 

 The success of the flipped classroom concept depends a great deal on the technologies that enable it. To create excellent materials, teachers must build new skill sets and enhance existing ones. It’s not at all difficult as these are skills that every teacher can learn and use in their classrooms.  This session will provide an overview of the technologies, concepts and software available to create lessons to support flipping the classroom. We’ll look at computer, smartphone and iPad applications with which we can create original materials, as well as sources of completed materials available for all teachers to use.  We’ll also look at ideas for distributing materials to your students.

Technology Tools for the Common Core
with Rebecca Chase

CK12 (www.ck12.org) is a free website that covers a wide variety of free assignments, quizzes, and videos. Rebecca Chase of Newfound Memorial Middle School has used this tool to help write her entire new math curriculum based on the common core. She also uses it for struggling students to help build their skills.

Rebecca will explain how she does base line assessments (and monthly or weekly after that) using easy CMB (www.easycbm.com), a free website that has assessments in literacy and math (tied to the University of Oregon). Based on those results, she then uses CK12 to find lessons, assessments, activities, videos, etc. It's easy to use and for schools that do not have a lot of technology, all of the assessments can also be down-loaded as a PDF.


Special Double Sessions 
(morning breakout carries over through afternoon)

Chromebooks in the Classroom 
with Stephen Gagnon

Participants for this session have the option to purchase an HP Chromebook. The goals of the workshop will focus on three areas. The first will be setting up your new Chromebook for professional/personal use. The second will be on the basics of using your Chromebook, including settings and accessing the built-in apps. The third will be an overview of uses in the classroom. This workshop is particularly targeted to teachers in schools and districts that are using or are about to use Google Apps for Education (GAFE). The registration cost if participating in this breakout will be a total of $400 ($275 for Chromebook, $125 for the conference).

Using the iPad in the Classroom
with Celeste Best

An Apple iPad Mini is included in this double session breakout institute that provides K-12 educators with an opportunity to experience the potential that an iPad can offer in the classroom. Presenter Celeste Best is an award winning science teacher at Oyster River High School who has successfully integrated several types of technology into her classroom. Learn about different applications that allow students to improve critical thinking skills, communication, technology literacy, and excitement about learning. Celeste provides participants with an understanding of 1) basic and advanced functions of the iPad, 2) ways it can be used as a teacher centered tool, 3) how it can be utilized by students, and 4) above all else, time to play with your new iPad. Several categories of applications will be "explored." Participants should come with an iTunes account already set up. 


We will end with NH Educators’ Lesson Smackdown 

Presenter Bios

Dave Backler is the Principal of the Milan Village School. As a school leader dedicated to daily progress of every student, Backler works with his staff to create a school that sets high academic standards. The ultimate goal is to prepare each student for a productive, successful and happy adulthood. In 2010 the Milan Village School was recognized as the New Hampshire Elementary School of excellence. Over the past several years, Backler has traveled throughout New Hampshire sharing his model of education with many audiences including principals, teachers and policy makers. Technology integration has played a large role in his success and he is eager to share his knowledge.

Celeste Best is a science teacher at Oyster River High School in Durham,New Hampshire. Celeste teaches a variety of science courses including anatomy and physiology, biology, marine biology, and forensics. Celeste graduated from Bowdoin College in 1997 with degrees in biology and environmental science. She received her master’s in education from Lesley University in 2008 with a degree in Educational Technology. Celeste has received several state and federally funded grants and has allowed her to turn her room into a digital classroom where learning is done based on a hands-on and inquiry based model. In 2009, Celeste was honored as the NHSTE Pat Keyes Technology Using Educator Award which is an award given to a K-12 teacher for their role in integrating technology into their classroom. Celeste was also honored with a 2010 New Hampshire Excellence in Education Award based on her work with technology in the classroom. Celeste also presents regularly at local and regional conferences including the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference.

Rebecca Chase is the 6th Grade Team Leader and Math Teacher at Newfound Memorial Middle School.  She is an avid technology use and integrator, who looks for ways to make teaching and learning more successful for her students.

Stephen Gagnon has been working at Stratham Memorial School since 1993 teaching grades 3-5. He spent two years as the assistant principal and is currently on an in-house sabbatical working as a tech mentor in his school. Steve is an enthusiastic teacher who has his students use technology to create meaningful learning experiences. His school began to use Google Apps for Education (GAFE) with students this year and also introduced Chromebooks as a new student device. Using Chromebooks, Steve’s students access all the Web 2.0 tools and resources they use on a daily basis, including GAFE. Steve is the NHSTE 2012 Pat Keyes Technology-using Educator Award Winner.

Charlie Gessner has been a Business/Technology Teacher for Stevens High School in Claremont, NH for over 27 years. During his tenure, he has run the Claremont Educators Users Group which focuses on technology for teachers and has offered workshops in various software applications, iPad apps, PowerTeacher and student assessment software. Currently the Technology Integration Specialist for SAU #6 in Claremont, Charlie’s current focus is on Google Apps for Education and providing ways for teachers to use technology effectively in their curriculum.

Michael Nieckoski has been working with technology in academic settings for 23 years in various capacities, including holding technology director positions at two colleges. His experience includes audio-visual, computing, multimedia and web design. Michael has taught workshops, provided teacher-training for technology and taught graduate-level courses in the classroom and online. He has been involved with all teaching- and learning-related technology activities including learning management systems, computer labs, educational websites, classroom technology, training for technology use and integration of technology into the curriculum. Most recently at the Southwest New Hampshire Educational Support Center at Keene State College, Michael has been focusing on teaching about iPads and Google Apps.

Rachel Small is a Google Certified Trainer and Instructor at the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School. In addition, she is the social media consultant for Heinemann Publishing Co. She strives to guide teachers to become passionate about innovative & adaptive learning techniques so their students develop effective communication & collaboration skills to obtain information using a critical lens. 

Jess Valenti is a 5th grade teacher at the Stratham Memorial School in Stratham, NH She is an aspiring leader and blogger. Jess has been an integral part of organizing the Edcamp Seacoast Un-Conference which is headed into a 3rd annual event. Jess believes that she has the best job in the world! http://msvalenti.blogspot.com 


Great Keynote

Allison Mollica

Great Food and Prizes!

Continental breakfast and buffet lunch provided at the Church Landing Resort.

Multiple door prizes drawn at conference end. 

Great Location!

Located at the beautiful Church Landing at Mill Falls Resort on Lake Winnipesaukee in Meredith, NH. Contact for lodging information: 800-622-6455.

Conference Schedule

8:30 - 9:00 
Check-In & Continental breakfast

9:00 - 9:05

9:05 - 10:30
Opening Keynote with Allison Mollica

10:40 - 11:40 
Morning Breakouts

11:40 - 12:30

12:35 - 1:35
Afternoon Breakouts

1:45 - 2:45 

We will end with NH Educators’ Lesson Smackdown

 2:45 - 3:00

Wrap-Up and Prizes